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Alien: Isolation

The Trio + Kingdom Hearts I,II, and III.

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SD to HD- 1/??

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Well, I finished up Alice: Madness Returns last night (screen shots from that later), and ended up my gaming evening on a horrifying note with Source mod Nightmare House 2. Utilizing Source SDK Base 2007, the free tool from Steam, the story opens up with a prologue called simply Nightmare House (probably the revamped “original”, which no longer is available as a separate file). I managed to get through it last night and was thoroughly spooked—this is probably the scariest thing I’ve played since Amnesia, and that’s saying quite a bit. And hey, I had to pay for Amnesia. Nightmare House 2 is completely free through

As for the gameplay, it oddly reminds me a lot of Dementium, the horror game on Nintendo DS. The enemies are incredibly similar, and you spend much of the time following a blood trail into unremarkable looking gray doors. There was even a moment where I raided a weapon’s locker that was enough to evoke deja vu. Luckily the similarities end there, as Nightmare House is much scarier than Dementium. I still can’t believe I get to play this amazing content for free.

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Born to Re-Kill by kgullholmen

US $10 for 24 hours only